Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Through a Designer's Eyes...

Welcome to the beautiful world of Interior Design through my eyes. I am a college student who is intrigued by everything beautiful. Colors, shapes, patterns, positive and negative space, etc. From the simple principles and elements of design, to the technical work of an architect, I want to learn it all. I am easily stimulated visually and when I see a space that is bold and creative, it takes my breath away. I’ve always had a passion for art. In high school, I was in a program that was focused on visual arts. Years have gone by and that passion still exists.  At one point in my life, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Then it moved into the direction of being a personal stylist. After that, I wanted to be a make-up artist for the stars. And now I’m here. Although I would watch the shows on HGTV, I never really thought about going in that direction with my career. Then I took a few classes in the fall of last year and fell in love with Interior Design. Being able to put my thoughts into reality by creating spaces for others seems like it would be rewarding. The process of creating a space is tedious, but the product is worth the effort.

Many people think Interior Design is just remodeling homes, but it’s much more than that. It’s about making changes in peoples’ lives by giving them a new fabulous space that they can be proud to come home to.  I believe that a design can affect a person’s mood. Coming home to your “dream home” after a long stressful day at work I think would lift anyone’s spirit. Or waking up in the morning to your “dream home” would start anyone’s day off right.  I‘d  love to be an Interior designer because I’d have the ability to change lives.

Design is not only applied to homes, but everywhere. There is residential design as well on commercial design. Office buildings, schools, shopping malls, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, parks, etc., all are examples of places that have to be thought up and put onto paper first. Cars, RVs, buses, computers, cell phones, even the writing utensils we use every day, were designed before being made into that final product that we use today. Last semester I went to a chair manufacturing company’s warehouse and I was amazed by how much thought and work it takes to put together a chair. We never think about these things when we sit in a chair, or use a pencil.

In my blog post, I will discuss the art of Interior Design from the inside out. I will talk about topics such as elements and principles of design, the process of creating a space, top designers and architects in the field, what it takes to be an Interior Designer, and much more. I hope I can share my love of design with my audience and learn much more about Interior Design along the way. Happy blogging!


  1. This was a great first post. I agree with you: there is much to design that people don't recognize. I think functionality is one of the most important elements in design, and I just read an article on use of space in NYC home design: http://inhabitat.com/5-super-efficient-tiny-nyc-apartments/

    There are so many great resources on the web for architecture/design students like yourself! I'm excited to see what you'll share with us.

  2. Jazman,

    I can’t wait to read each one of your blog posts throughout the semester, and I’m already hoping that you will continue long after! It seems like an extremely interesting topic, and I can tell that you’re very passionate about it! It was an enjoyable read, and I learned some interesting things. Each one of the points that you’ve made in this post I completely agree with, and then some. You’ve got me very interested in interior design, and I really look forward to reading more about design. Among the majors I’m considering when I transfer, is Architecture. I’m also a very neat and tidy person, thus, I think that I will find interior design interesting too. I really liked how you mentioned the life-changing effect of someone’s home design: its impact on their daily life, etc. I’m curious to know where you took design classes, if it was at nova, or elsewhere? Anyway, thanks for picking such a great topic, and conveying it in such a great way.


    P.s. I’m not sure whether or not you know about this website already, but I recently discovered it, and have found it absolutely fascinating and a little addictive when it comes to loving design(s):

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the site with me Sarah! I have to check it out. And you're considering Architecture? That's awesome! Where are you thinking about transferring? I'm in he process of applying to VCU right now for their Interior Design Program, but if I don't get in, I'm thinking I might to to a technical school for Drafting and Design. Architectural Drafting is very time consuming and very tedious, but the finished product makes me feel so accomplished and full of pride. I took classes at the Loudoun Campus. It's the only campus that offers those types of classes. I loved it though. They even have an Interior Design Club that I was a member of and we did some pretty awesome things, such as going on amazing field trips and participating in "The Great Chair Challenge" at the Lorton Art Workshop. Sadly, I can't attend the month meetings because of my schedule this semester, but it was an awesome experience and I'd like to continue my learning of the field.

    2. By the way Sarah! You should also check out my latest post. I think you'd enjoy it because of your fascination with architecture. :)