Monday, February 4, 2013

Interiors Inside Out

Today I will be analyzing a room from head to toe using the terms we have discussed in the past couple weeks. I will break the room into bits, incorporating the principles and elements of design, to explain what is going on in this space. Art is what you feel from it. It's what you read in a piece, and this is my opinion about this space. Not just what I like and what I don't like, but a more in-depth analyze on why I think the space works.

I found this kitchen on Denise McGaha Interiors company site. This company provides luxurious interiors and on the site you can find a gallery of their work, testimonials, magazines they have been featured in, and so much more. You should check the site out sometime. They do some beautiful work. Today I will give you a little taste of what they can deliver as designers.

The simplicity of this kitchen gives it elegance. I love bold colors, and in this space the designer puts an emphasis on the oven by using the color yellow (Elements of Design). The brightness of the yellow and the dullness of the cabinetry, walls, and appliances create a beautiful contrast. Your eye moves around the kitchen and ends up on the oven. I also like how the designer puts a splash of yellow here and there so the yellow oven doesn't look out of place. The back splash also caught my eye. It brings everything together, giving this kitchen a great sense of harmony (Principles of Design). The designer used an interesting pattern, combining different shades of yellows and blues. The pattern almost looks as if it could be touched, creating visual texture. The designer uses a combination of light sources to brighten up this space. As you can see, there are pendent lights providing artificial light over the island, lighting under the upper cabinets, and looking at various highlights around the kitchen, I can tell there is a window allowing natural light in as well. From what I can see, there is a balanced amount of negative and positive space. There are no spots of the room that look empty, yet there are none that look too "busy". It seems like everything has a place.

I enjoy how the designer brings a little nature into the space like my inspiration Frank Lloyd Wright did in many of his works. You see flowers, potted plants, and vegetables on the counters and island. Even the use of yellow reminds me of the outdoors (the warm yellow sun). Like I said, I like the color scheme of this kitchen. The bright yellow gives me a sense of joyfulness. It is very welcoming and cheerful. I'd enjoy spending time in this kitchen. And the distribution of color is also on point. The neutrality of the grey tones the brightness of the yellow down, and the blue accents in the back splash provide a great little accent to the space.

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  1. This was another great post. I like how you clearly move about the room in your analysis of what's happening and you compare the design choices to that of Frank Lloyd Wright (just double check how you spelled his name in there). You're right: the distribution of the yellow was just right. The kitchen really popped. I wouldn't have thought neon or Crayola yellow would be an option in a modern kitchen (reminds me of the 50s and 60s mid-century modern palate), but the balance with the blues, grays, and greens are quite fantastic.