Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trisha Wilson

Trisha Wilson and the Firm
Trisha Wilson is the CEO and President of the internationally acclaimed design firm Wilson Associates. As one of the most successful interior-architectural design firms in the world, their client list includes over twenty of the world's top 100 billionaires (Wilson Associates). Her firm, established in 1971, has designed over "one million guestrooms in thousands of hotels worldwide" (Wilson Associates). "The firm's brand was built around creating interiors for hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos, and high end residential properties" (Wilson Associates). The luxurious and elegant commercial design work of Wilson Associates, as well as their ability to design to the market, has landed them one of the top hospitality firms in the world. They create "custom interiors for each client" by listening to what the client wants, as well as learning about that country's culture and surroundings.

Wilson graduated from the University Of Texas School Of Architecture with a degree in Interior Design. After graduation, she worked at a department store selling mattresses. Then she worked for Dallas architect Harry Hover designing church glass stained windows (Evans).
In 1997 she established The Wilson Foundation, which is dedicated to addressing the needs of disadvantaged and underserved children in South Africa. She focuses on the Limpopo Province, a rural area devastated by "extreme poverty, unemployment, substandard education, and an HIV/AIDS pandemic" (Wilson Associates). The foundation has given over $3.5 million to this community to support healthcare, education, and youth development.

Photography courtesy of Wilson Associates

Be sure to check out the full portfolio of Wilson Associates and this brief video of Trisha's latest achievement!

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