Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's about Beauty, Inspiration, and Creativity.

I think there is a lot of money in the Interior Design industry. Heavy weights such as HGTV (Home and Garden Television), IKEA, and even Lowes and Home Depot, are dedicated to inspiring us and helping us with our home improvement wants and needs. When I travel, I find myself always wishing that I could live in a place that looks just like the nice hotels I would stay in. These heavy weights give me hope. With a vision, a little help, and hard work, any space can be transformed into a masterpiece.
Beautiful Master Bathroom from HGTV.
HGTV is a great source to help any person get inspired. Along with their television shows, you can also go onto their website and browse by room, style, or color, to get a little inspiration. They have sections dedicated to gardening tips, do-it-yourself projects; you can browse through photos, or even get up to date with episodes on the tube that you missed the night before. It has a little bit for everyone, and that’s why I love it.

I actually used to love the show “Clean House” on the style network. For those who haven’t seen it, it is a home makeover show. The house would show up at a family’s home with a clean-up crew and a renovation crew and get to work.  The clean-up crew would unclutter the home, host a yard sale, and then use the money to give the family their dream home. The show was just so inspiring to me. NO matter how much of a wreck your home may be or how cluttered it is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Interior Design fascinates me because it’s all about beauty and creativity. Turning something ordinary into something extraordinary is magical to me. It’s the same feeling you get when you see a woman go from “plain Jane” to a sassy sophisticated lady.  Her confidence skyrockets, and to see that kind of change in a person is life changing and gratifying. It’s funny how a fresh coat of paint or a new centerpiece on your dining room table can transform a space. Let your imagination run wild. Get creative, get inspired, and have fun. Happy Decorating!

Ps. YouTube is also a fabulous source for DIY home improvement projects! Check out these videos!


  1. A good thing about home improvement and interior design especially when you're doing it yourself is that what you create comes from you. It reflects your character. Are you a person for earthy colours? Do you have several bookcases? Is the kids' room a mini playground? etc.all this things in how the rooms are designed reveals a little about the person who does it.

    1. I totally agree with you Deion! That's the best part of do it yourself projects! You can be creative and let your personality shine through your work. That's why I've always been fascinated with anything that allows be to tap in to my artistic abilities. Unfortunately, not everyone can just tap into those abilities. Some people need help with that. And that's where outside help comes in. Some people need that extra push. Some people don't even care, as long as the job gets done. But I want to have a say in how MY home looks like. I want to put myself into the decor. And ultimately my home would reveal a little bit about myself. It's the best part of the job!

  2. Deion makes a good point here. Home improvement and design has a lot to do with individual likes and preferences. And Jazman, I agree with you, too, that it is easy to get inspired by watching home improvement shows or walking into a Lowe's. I also find inspiration at decorating stores like World Market or Pier 1 (I think IKEA falls into this category, too). There is something so liberating about being able to rearrange and redecorate a home space, and, thus change our environments and benefit our lives.

    I find it interesting that you point out Niecy Nash's show Clean House. Isn't a clean home a psychological benefit? Imagine the clutter of a hoarders situation and think about how our home environments can actually reflect our mental well-being!

    1. I some what agree with that. People benefit from a clean, organized enviroment. For myself, I find it stressful to be in a cluttered space and my mind feels very restricted. When I watch the show hoarders, it is appearent that these people have psychological issues deeper than just a cluttered home. It seems to be a dramatic experience that triggers the hoarding, and I'm sure the clutter doesn't help clear their mind at all. After their home is cleared of clutter, does this rehabilate the person? In most cases, I doubt it. It's a good start though. But I do think that for some,our home enviroment can somewhat have an impact on our mental well-being. Some people live in certain situations at home and you would never even know it. They act so normal. I think it just depends on the person.